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Interlocking Concrete Pavers

If you’re dreaming of a new outdoor space that’s attractive, long-lasting, and easy to maintain, add interlocking concrete pavers to the top of your to-do list. Interlocking concrete pavers come in a huge range of design colors, patterns, and shapes to help you create an outdoor space that’s everything you want it to be, from vintage to classic to ultra-modern. Regardless of the age and style of your home, there’s a concrete paver out there to complement it nicely

Belgard Catalina Grana Paver Backyard

What Are Interlocking Concrete Pavers?

Interlocking pavers are ones that have been manufactured to fit tightly together. Because of this, they’re more durable than other types of pavers, and may be suitable for placement in driveways or even commercial areas, where foot traffic or parking frequently occurs.

When you complete a project with interlocking pavers, you create a unified look. This is part of what makes them ideal for large projects. When you stand back and view an outdoor area that has been designed using interlocking concrete pavers, you notice the overall appearance of the space, instead of each individual paver.

Modern renditions of cobblestone streets, paved plazas, and many courtyards are prime examples of the use of interlocking pavers. But they’re also beautiful and durable choices for residential design.

Belgard Dublin Cobble Paver Patio with Steps

Why Choose Concrete Pavers Over Other Options?

Versatility: These pavers can be designed using many different layouts, shapes, and sizes to create a custom outdoor space that's unique to you.
Durability: Concrete pavers are long-lasting and stand up well to extremes of weather.
Easy to Maintain: If one paver becomes damaged, replacement is easy and affordable.
High-End Appearance: Interlocking concrete pavers create a cohesive, finished hardscape that looks high-end.
Cost-Effective: An interlocking paver system may cost more to install. However, it will last longer than other paving alternatives, including poured concrete or asphalt.
Belgard Catalina Grana Circular Paver Driveway

What Does It Mean
to Be ICPI Certified?

ICPI is an acronym for the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute, and professionals who are ICPI certified have earned approval for their abilities to install this type of segmented concrete. It’s not easy to become ICPI-certified. To earn this professional distinction, installers must attend an ICPI-approved course, pass an exam, and complete a minimum of five projects and 10,000 square feet of installation within five years of completing the course. They can then apply to become ICPI-certified.

Installers who hold this prestigious certification have proven their skills and mastery in the manipulation of interlocking concrete pavers. When you’re searching for a professional to help you create your own outdoor space using segmented concrete, make sure you choose a technician who has earned their ICPI certification.

Applications for Concrete Pavers

There are as many applications for concrete pavers as there are homeowners to dream about them. Concrete pavers are ideal for residential projects such as:

Belgard Old World Pavers Driveway
Angelus Bishop Hat Patio
Angelus rustic wall fireplace tuscan courtyard stone ashlar
Avalone Slate paver pool deck
Belgard Dublin Cobble Paver Patio with Steps
Angelus stonewall ii slate stone Tuscan
Fire pits
Pool Decks

Pavers We Love

Traditional Style Pavers
Belgard Old World

Manufactured to recreate the appearance of those time-worn cobblestone streets of Europe, Belgard Old World pavers feature a cleft top that closely mimics natural stone. It’s available in a solid collection of colors to help you recreate that vintage appearance you envision.

Old World Victorian
Angelus Antique Cobble I & II

A popular paving stone with endless applications, Angelus Antique 1 and Angelus Antique II have a delightful “bread-loaf”-looking top and old-world charm.

Angelus antique cobble i and ii paver driveway
Angelus antique cobble i ii gray charcoal concrete paver
Charcoal Tumbled
Angelus antique cobble i ii paver circle i pattern
Cream Brown Charcoal
Angelus antique cobble i ii paver pool deck
Cream Terracotta Brown
Cream Tumbled
Gray Moss Charcoal
Mocha Tumbled
Red Brown Charcoal
Sand Stone Mocha
Stone Tumbled

Concrete Pavers vs Concrete

Concrete Pavers
1. Cost-Effectiveness
Concrete Pavers
Angelus gray sf rima holland water feature

Compared to paving, paver installation does have higher upfront costs, but it lasts 3-5X longer than poured concrete

Concrete Driveway

Cheaper upfront costs, but should be replaced every 10 years if you care about aesthetics

2. Maintenance
Concrete Pavers

If one of your interlocking pavers were to crack, you only need to replace that one paver to restore the space to “like new”


Can be repaired, but it looks repaired

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Angelus Antique Cobble I&II
Why choose concrete pavers over other options?

The benefits of concrete pavers over other types of paving options are impressive. They’re relatively easy and quick to install. They add resale value to your home, and they provide safe, convenient access to your outdoor spaces without fear of guests slipping on wet pavement or becoming mired in mud.