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Paver Curb Appeal


Concrete paving stones are available in an intriguing array of shapes, sizes, and colors and offer more flexibility of design.

Patio Permeable Paver


Concrete paving stones may also be permeable, which helps reduce erosion and stormwater runoff.

Paver Maintenance

Ease of maintenance

Concrete patio stones cost less to maintain than poured concrete.

Paver Installation Cost


Concrete pavers are more cost-efficient than natural stone pavers.

Paver Durability


Concrete paving stones are much more durable than poured concrete. While pavers offer up to 8,000 PSI, poured concrete offers between 2,500 and 3,000 PSI.

Why Choose Pavers Made of Concrete for Your Patio?

Properly installed concrete is an ideal choice for patio pavers installation in Thousand Oaks because it has several strong advantages over other alternatives: durability, flexibility of design, easy maintenance, cost-effectiveness, curb appeal.

Concrete pavers are tough, durable outdoor tiles highly appropriate for patios. Additionally, they come in a beautiful assortment of shapes, sizes, and hues that make them perfect choices for patio stones.

We have crafted multiple paver outdoor kitchens and have a deep understanding of what it takes to build durable and aesthetic space for the outdoor living areas.

At Infinity Pavers, we advocate concrete pavers as the perfect choice of materials to breathe new life into planter walls.

With a multitude of options to choose from when it comes to concrete pavers and ample experience, we will help you bring your driveway design idea to life. 

We choose patio pavers that are known for more than their aesthetics. You can expect these products to stand up to the test of time.

From safe, slip-resistant surfaces to smart solutions that optimize drainage, we are the one-stop destination for crafting stunning paver pool decks.

We understand what goes into crafting a durable and stylish walkway that are sure to garner all the wanted attention from neighbors, friends and family.

With pavers, you're only limited by your creativity

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Why Choose Infinity Pavers for Patio Pavers Installation in Thousand Oaks?

There are many reasons to choose Infinity Pavers in Thousand Oaks as your installation company, but we've narrowed the list to the ones we feel are most important to California homeowners. They include:

ICPC certified: We are ICPI certified, bonded, and insured.

Free Estimates: We offer free estimates and free basic-design services. 

Streamlined Process: We're experienced and knowledgeable, which results in a no-stress process for you.

Quality: Our focus is always on quality, quality, quality.

Happy Customers: We come highly recommended, with hundreds of happy customers to our credit.

What Our Clients Say

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Thaís T.

We had a great experience with Brad and the Infinity Pavers crew. They did an excellent job and did our backyard in only 2 days. We were not very satisfied with the finished look at first but we talked to Brad and the crew came back and did exactly what we asked for. We highly recommend this company!

Thaís T.

Gail K.

Our paving job is outstanding. It is beautifully done and we are so happy we did it. But, we are also happy that we choose the right company to do it for us. From start to finish, Infinity Pavers are professionals in every way. Max and his company are successful because they do what other companies don't or won't do. They go that extra mile.

Gail K.

What to Expect During Your Paver Patio Installation Process

Ready to start your patio project? We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked homeowner questions we encounter regularly.

Concrete paver stones are made by pouring a mixture of cement, gravel, sand, and pigment into a shaped mold. The molds are then ushered through a vibration process that helps to settle and compact the concrete. Afterward, they're cured, usually for a period of several weeks, before they're suitable for installation in your porch or patio.

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