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Free Basic Designs

Infinity Pavers won’t charge you for basic designs.


You won’t find us pressuring you to buy the most expensive pavers on the market. 


Conversations are the best way to make big decisions about your property. Feel free to ask us anything to help you settle on the right course of action. 


We put an emphasis on preparation and safety. Avoiding accidents is the best way to avoid unnecessary hassle for our clients. 


Whether it’s a delay in an order or a snag during sealing, you can trust us to tell you what’s going on — without having to contact us first.

Experience the Infinity Pavers Difference

When you contract with Infinity Pavers for paver installation, you'll be pleased with the experience from beginning to end. From concept through completion, our process guarantees you'll love the finished product. We begin with an onsite consultation and inspection to locate utilities and to plan your overall design. From here, we do all the heavy lifting, including: Demolition and excavation, grading, interior compacting, layering, beams and borders, polymeric sand, paver installation

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Reliable & Effective Paver Installation Contractor

Infinity Pavers is a different kind of paver installation company. With free estimates, a friendly approach, and a stress-free process, we put our customers first. Our technicians are ICPC-certified and fully insured, so your project will be completed on time, using only the finest materials and processes every time.

ICPC certified: We go the extra mile to ensure the quality of our work. 

Eco-friendly solutions: Permeable concrete pavers are gaining popularity in Ventura County, because they mimic the way land absorbs water. Permeable concrete pavers provide less slippery, safer, and environmentally friendly solutions.

Insured: Our company is insured so we have the resources to handle the unexpected during your paver installation.

At Infinity Pavers, we specialize in interlocking concrete paver installation. With an abundance of paver stone types, shapes, finishes, and layout patterns to choose from, these paver stones bring a new level of functionality and style to your property.

We have crafted multiple paver outdoor kitchens and have a deep understanding of what it takes to build durable and aesthetic space for the outdoor living areas.

At Infinity Pavers, we advocate concrete pavers as the perfect choice of materials to breathe new life into planter walls.

With a multitude of options to choose from when it comes to concrete pavers and ample experience, we will help you bring your driveway design idea to life. 

We choose patio pavers that are known for more than their aesthetics. You can expect these products to stand up to the test of time.

From safe, slip-resistant surfaces to smart solutions that optimize drainage, we are the one-stop destination for crafting stunning paver pool decks.

We understand what goes into crafting a durable and stylish walkway that are sure to garner all the wanted attention from neighbors, friends and family.

With pavers, you're only limited by your creativity

Browse our finished projects to find your inspiration!

Benefits of concrete pavers for your outdoor project

Concrete Pavers

Versatile for one-of-a-kind designs

 Pavers comes in many colors, sizes, shapes, textures, and types, which allow you to express your personality through paver installation. Create a space you love and others envy in Thousand Oaks.

Last longer

Paver stones are 4X stronger than poured concrete and can withstand both weather and weight. As a result, it looks amazing for decades, not five to ten years like other options.

Ease of maintenance

If one of your interlocking pavers were to crack, you only need to replace that one paver to restore the space to "like new". Some repairs are relatively easy DIY projects or your paver installation company can handle it.


Compared to paving, paver installation does have higher upfront costs. But it lasts 3-5X longer than poured concrete or asphalt and maintenance costs are lower, so your outdoor space doesn't show its age.


Paver installation reduces polluting water run-off because water can enter the ground more easily with paver stones, especially if you permeable paving stones.

Concrete Pros & Cons

Smooth surface

Easy installation with equipment used by paver contractors

Cheaper upfront costs

Quick installation

Sun, temperature and humidly changes, water movement, and excessive weight can crack it

Can be repaired, but it looks repaired

Should be replaced every 10 years if you care about aesthetics

Will usually have structural issues by 20 years that require replacing

Can burn hands and feet on a hot summer day

Flagstone Pros & Cons


Stands up to Thousand Oaks weather

Easy to maintain


Poor installation can lead to unevenness that creates accident risk

Less versatility compared to pavers but more compared to poured concrete or asphalt

Requires a base layer of concrete, which leads to run-off. Paver installation has a permeable sand or gravel base layer.

Gets hotter under bare feet than pavers, so not ideal swimming, garden areas, and children's play spots where they could burn hands and feet

Asphalt Pros & Cons


Fast and easy to install with the right equipment

Bad for the environment as it creates toxic run-off

Gets very hot in the sun

Cracks quickly

No versatility

Short life span

Sealing every three years to extend life

What Our Clients Say

Read on how is it to hire and work with us.

Thaís T.

We had a great experience with Brad and the Infinity Pavers crew. They did an excellent job and did our backyard in only 2 days. We were not very satisfied with the finished look at first but we talked to Brad and the crew came back and did exactly what we asked for. We highly recommend this company!

Thaís T.

Gail K.

Our paving job is outstanding. It is beautifully done and we are so happy we did it. But, we are also happy that we choose the right company to do it for us. From start to finish, Infinity Pavers are professionals in every way. Max and his company are successful because they do what other companies don't or won't do. They go that extra mile.

Gail K.

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our paver installation process

At Infinity Pavers, we go the extra mile to ensure you know every step of the process when you trust us for a project.
Here is a look at our full service streamlined paver installation process:


Design and Planning

Let us take some of the hassle out of picking a design for your paver installation project. We cover basic design based on the unique layout of your property. When you're ready to contact a top choice in paver installation companies in Thousand Oaks, Infinity Pavers is ready to listen. Call today to schedule your onsite consultation and to discuss how concrete paving stones can change the way your home looks, feels, and functions.


Site inspection

Our staff examines everything from the type of soil to the existence of tree roots so we can decide how to best work with your land.



If we need to clear anything out before installing concrete patio pavers, you can count on us to safely excavate to make room.



Our prep work includes grading, compacting, layering, beams/borders, and polymeric sand.


finish work

Adding the final touches to your property can set you up for a lifetime of success. Infinity Pavers, in Thousand Oaks, has been helping homeowners just like you create beautiful outdoor spaces for years. Our friendly and professional team members always put your needs first!

Concrete Pavers FAQ

Concrete pavers used in paver installation contain cement, sand, gravel, and pigments just like poured concrete. They're more durable and consistent because technicians create them in a controlled environment you cannot achieve when pouring concrete outside.

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