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Permeable Pavers Installation

Are you familiar with permeable pavers? Permeable paving systems are designed to absorb water, instead of allowing it to pool on the surface. There are numerous environmental and financial benefits to using these pavers in your landscapes, especially if you’re paving a large area, such as a driveway, RV pad, or patio. Learn more about permeable paving methods and their many benefits for residential and commercial use. 

Permeable Turfstone

How Does Permeable Pavement Work? 

A permeable pavement system is installed in layers. The bottom layer consists of the soil that will lie beneath the pavers. In most instances, it’s excavated to the proper depth, compacted, and then covered with a layer of crushed stone. Once the crushed stone has been compacted and leveled, the next step is to lay the pavers on top. The joints between the pavers are then filled with more material, such as additional crushed stone, and then the whole area is tamped down. Usually, a second application of crushed stone is swept across the top of the pavers to fill any holes that were created by the tamping process. The finished result is a beautifully paved and structurally sound outdoor area that allows water to be absorbed into the gravel between the pavers and then into the ground. 

The best, most environmentally friendly permeable paving projects are designed in such a way that multiple sources of water from the property are directed onto the porous pavement. This may include water from:

  • Rainfall
  • Gutters
  • Drainage ditches

So, if you’re investing in a permeable paving system, it may be helpful to have a professional walk your property beforehand to determine the most effective layout and to troubleshoot the best permeable design for your soil type. 


designed to absorb water, instead of allowing it to pool on the surface
reduces the heat island effect in heavily paved areas such as cities
cost-effective and attractive solution for your next hardscape project

What Makes a Paver Permeable? 

These pavers differ from pervious and porous pavers because the pavers, themselves, do not absorb the water. Instead, they’re part of a larger system that allows water to collect in the cracks between the pavers. The water is then filtered for contaminants by the crushed stone and then eventually returned to the ground. This type of paving system has so many advantages, especially for the planet. A professionally installed permeable paving system can do all of the following:

  • Limit stormwater runoff at the source.
  • Reduce erosion downstream.
  • Filter pollutants.
  • Improve the quality of water that reaches streams and rivers.
  • Eliminate unsightly puddles and pooling.
  • Prevent flooding.

Permeable paving is a win-win for homeowners who desire environmentally friendly options for their hardscape projects. 

Permeable pavers we love

Infinity Pavers specializes in the installation of permeable paving systems, and we’re happy to help you find a paver that complements your home’s exterior while improving its environmental functionality. Choose from several attractive options, including:

Angelus Courtyard

Courtyard uses a four-stone combination to create a beautiful variety of layouts for both residential and commercial applications. Durable enough for driveways and parking areas.

Adobe Copper Mocha
Mocha (shown in Antique Cobble)
Charcoal (Shown in Antique Cobble)
Cream Brown Charcoal
Cream Terracotta Brown
Dark Grey Copper Charcoal
Dark Gray Pewter Charcoal
Gray Charcoal
Gray Moss Charcoal
Stone Sand Copper
Sand Stone Mocha
Belgard Aqualine

Aqualine pavers are suitable for both foot traffic and vehicular applications. They create a smooth, attractive surface that muffles vibration and offers superior structural strength. 

Permeable Aqualine Toscana
Rio Copy

Permeable Pavers vs Concrete

Permeable Pavers
Permeable Pavers
permeable aqualina random runner dark gray charcoal

Permebale pavers are engineered in such a way that the absorbed water is returned to the ground beneath the pavers.


Concrete absorbs water, which is why large blocks of concrete can crack under extremes of weather. However, once concrete has retained all the water it can, the rest will pool on top, creating slip, trip, and fall hazards. 

Permeable Pavers
permeable courtyard gray charcoal

Permeable pavers are part of a larger system that allows water to collect in the cracks between the pavers.

Concrete Driveway

Concrete is also a more complex installation because it must cure before you can place any weight on it. And if you neglect to grade the ground properly before installing concrete, it can redirect stormwater back into your basement or foundation.

Permeable Pavers

Easy to repair


Concrete is labor-intensive and costly to repair if it does become compromised or damaged. 

permeable PAVERS FAQ

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Permeable paver Aqualine
Can permeable pavers be used over clay soils? 

In the event your soil is a type that offers low-infiltration, such as heavy clay, it’s still possible to install permeable pavers. However, the help of a professional is recommended. Installations over low-infiltration soil requires additional drainage options, such as perforated pipe drains, in order for the system to work as intended. 

Do permeable pavers require cleaning? 

Yes. For your permeable pavers to last long term, they must be maintained. To do this, use tools such as a stiff broom and garden hose to regularly sweep and wash away debris that could get caught between the pavers, causing a clog. Every few months, or even twice a year, is ideal. 

How long do permeable pavers last? 

When professionally installed and well maintained, permeable interlocking concrete pavers can last up to 30 years without the need for repair or replacement. This is why they’re such an ideal and cost-effective option for environmentally conscious home and business owners. 

Are design choices limited with permeable pavers? 

Design choices are nearly limitless for projects using permeable paving stones. These come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and configurations, so you can create an outdoor space that’s truly unique to you and your family. 

How cost effective are permeable pavers? 

When you consider how long they last and how beneficial they are to the environment, permeable paving systems are an economical choice of hardscape. However, the costs vary from one project to the next. If you’re interested in learning more about permeable paver installation in Thousand Oaks, we invite you to contact one of our friendly and professional representatives at Infinity Pavers today.