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Top Trending Paver Patterns


Stack Bond

Stack Bond is a classic among paver patterns you’ll see here in Thousand Oaks. In it, each same-sized square paving stone meets symmetrically side-to-side, corner-to-corner.

Stack bond can make smaller spaces look larger, so it’s great for patios and pool decks. 

Basket Weave

A basket weave utilizes two rectangular stones placed side-by-side facing two positioned in the opposite direction to give the illusion of continuous stones being woven together.

Basket weave looks fantastic on patios and pool decks. If you have different levels, consider defining each level with the same paver patterns but a different color scheme to define each one. 


Herringbone is similar to Basket Weave but the rectangular stones are offset so that one corner aligns with the center of the stone next to it and the other corner aligns with the edge of that stone. 

“Banded herringbone” is a popular variation that includes a row of pavers (which could be Stack Bond) outlining the herringbone pattern.

Herringbone works especially well on driveways because the pattern distributes weight, making it very durable.

Ashlar Stack

This trendy pattern combines rectangles roughly one-half the size of the squares stacked side-to-side, corner to corner, alternating. Variations in square and rectangle size can add even greater dimension. 

Ashlar Stack makes beautiful driveways, patios and walkways.

Runner Bond

With these paving patterns, you use identically-sized square pavers. Each paving stone stops at the precise center of the stone above. As a result, every other row is lined up. A variation called Ashlar Runner Bond uses 3 piece paver patterns or more for a more intricate, organic look.

Runner Bond is popular among paving patterns used for driveways. But it also makes stunning walkways. Or use larger stones with this pattern for the pool deck.


I-pattern is a cobble pattern, which can include many arrangements using rectangles and squares forming an intricate design, such as Antique Cobble, Royal Cobble, or Appian Cobble.

I-pattern adds some “Old World” charm to driveways, sidewalks, outdoor kitchens, and patios. 

How do I choose a paver pattern?

The right paving pattern enhances the space, drawing the eyes to the right features, and minimizing any flaws inherent in the landscape.

For example, you can accentuate a curve, circle, hot tub, tree, or other feature by laying a more intricate pattern like I-pattern or Basket Weave around the feature. Combine this with Stack Bond for the wider area, and the eyes travel across the Stack Bond and go straight to the feature.

Mixing two or more paving stone patterns in a large space visually defines different areas. You can make one of those spaces seem larger with a less intricate pattern that covers the whole area. Simple diagonal patterns can also elongate a smaller patio, making it feel more spacious. 

With the right pattern in the right space, you can also achieve a particular style, like:

  • Organic – Opt for the more randomized patterns with a variety of shapes and sizes. Choose 3 piece paver patterns (or 4) to enhance your ability to achieve more random concrete paver patterns. You might be amazed just how organic a space can look using squares and rectangles. By mixing sizes and shapes, a paving company can achieve soft curves around a feature like a garden or fountain. 
  • Modern – Go forlarge pavers with a polished surface texture in a pattern such as Stack Bond.
  • “Old World” – Traditional patterns like Herringbone, Basket Weave, and I-Pattern can help you achieve this look. 

With these considerations in mind, look at the space:

  • Size
  • Use
  • Flow
  • Special features
  • Detracting features

If you’re still unsure, know that when you hire a paving company in Thousand Oaks, we can use state-of-the-art design technology to help you visualize what paver patterns will look like in your space. You don’t have to guess.  Yes, you can get exactly what you want.


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