concrete driveway pavers
add a touch of elegance
to any landscape

You can indeed find many reasons to choose driveway pavers.
But have you ever stopped to think about all the reasons you should select a paver driveway for your driveway installation?
Here are just some of the many benefits of driveway pavers.


Paver stones are more durable than concrete. You don't have to take our word for it. Most can hold up to 8000 pounds of weight per square inch.


Permeable pavers allow rainwater to go directly into the ground instead of creating runoff that accumulates massive amounts of surface pollutants before finally entering streams and groundwater. In Thousand Oaks, CA, where water is precious, you're making a meaningful contribution to the planet when you choose driveway pavers.

Ease of maintenance

Pavers have a modular design, so if one does happen to break, you only need to repair or replace that paving stone. This lets you keep your driveway looking flawless for decades, not a couple of years, like poured concrete or asphalt. 


Driveway pavers are less expensive than natural stone pavers, and more expensive than poured concrete installation. But maintenance costs less for the reasons mentioned above.

Plus, pavers can last 30 or more years, while poured concrete lasts around 10 years. Properly installed interlocking pavers and driveway pavers can actually cost less over their lifetime.

Aesthetics & Curb Appeal

You have a wide range of options: styles, textures, colors, and patterns. Plus, high-quality patio and driveway pavers installation can increase your home value. Whether you want to wow your friends or make family and neighbors jealous, pavers deliver stunning, functional beauty.

Why Concrete Driveway Pavers

You can indeed find many reasons to choose pavers for driveway.
But have you ever stopped to think about all the reasons you should select concrete pavers for your driveway installation?
Here are just some of the many benefits of concrete paver stones.

With pavers, you're only limited by your creativity

Browse our finished projects to find your inspiration!

Why Infinity Pavers 
for your paver driveway installation project

While the benefits and possibilities abound, the installation company or paver contractor you work with matters.
Properly installed, high-quality pavers can add value to your home and last for decades,
while an amateur job can lead to years of frustration, repairs, and lost home value.

ICPC certified - We're ICPI certified, bonded, insured, and we know pavers. We offer free basic designs and a streamlined process to minimize the disruption to your family's daily activities.

Quality - We focus on quality and won't install any paver that doesn't meet our high expert standards. 

Review and Testominials - With hundreds of happy customers and successful projects, it's time to chat with us about your driveway pavers installation project.

What Our Clients Say

Read on how is it to hire and work with us.

Thaís T.

We had a great experience with Brad and the Infinity Pavers crew. They did an excellent job and did our backyard in only 2 days. We were not very satisfied with the finished look at first but we talked to Brad and the crew came back and did exactly what we asked for. We highly recommend this company!

Thaís T.

Gail K.

Our paving job is outstanding. It is beautifully done and we are so happy we did it. But, we are also happy that we choose the right company to do it for us. From start to finish, Infinity Pavers are professionals in every way. Max and his company are successful because they do what other companies don't or won't do. They go that extra mile.

Gail K.

Driveway Pavers FAQ

Depending on the size of your driveway and the intricacy of your paver installation, it can take two to seven days to install driveway pavers.

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