Paver installation in Calabasas
is a great way to improve the look
of your property


Both concrete pavers and poured concrete will last for decades, but a paver can last for 50 years or more as opposed to poured concrete’s  25 – 30 years. Poured concrete is far more likely to crack than a tough-as-nails interlocking pavers.


Concrete can absorb water, which means less dangerous runoff into the soil and water supply. At Infinity Pavers, we have permeable pavers that can help you keep your city safe.

Ease of maintenance

Due to the modular design of concrete pavers, you don’t have to work as hard (or really, at all) to keep your pathways, patios, and decks looking beautiful.


It’s true that concrete pavers are more expensive than poured concrete — at first glance. However, over time, concrete pavers tend to cost less overall. Because you don’t have to deal with the settling and cracking of poured concrete, it tends to be a smarter overall investment.

Aesthetics & Curb Appeal

Pavers come in practically every color, texture, and pattern. No matter what kind of home you have, you’ll find a paver style that works for you.

Why Use Concrete Pavers for Your Property?

There are a number of benefits to concrete paver installation in Calabasas including durability, ease of maintenance, range, cost-effectivenes, and more.

When people think of paver companies, they might think about hiring them largely for their driveway or pool deck. However, high-quality paver stones are also great for planter walls, walkways, patios, and nearly anywhere in the backyard. If you’re tired of having your grass trampled every time you have an outdoor event, pavers give people a convenient and safe way to move around. 

Why Infinity Pavers for Paver Installation?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the potential pavers, here are our top picks based on the look you want:

ICPI certified: This is the industry standard for concrete, one that promises to follow all of the stringent guidelines set for contractors. We are also bonded and insured, so you can rest easy about having us on your property. 

Free design consultation: We’re here to answer basic questions and provide suggestions about which pavers will look best on your property. 

Efficiency: We’ve streamlined the process so that you can fast-track your entertainment schedule. 

Quality: Not only do we have hundreds of successful projects, but our customers are happy with the long-term results. We may not offer cut-throat pricing, but we believe our rates reflect the true value of our work. 

Concrete Paver Installation: Aesthetics & Curb Appeal 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the potential pavers, here are our top picks based on the look you want:


Angelus Courtyard, Belgard Catalina Grana, or Angelus Aqualina will fit perfectly with a contemporary home.


Angelus Heartland, Belgard Mega or Lafitt Slate will complement a minimalist home that blends the larger landscape with the unique touches of the property.


If you’re going for a homespun feel, try Belgard Dublin Cobble, or Angelus Estate Cobble.


Belgard Old World or Angelus Antique Cobble can make a big splash on guests and residents alike, making them feel as if they’ve stepped into another era (or even location).

Paver Installation FAQ

The price of concrete pavers is ultimately impacted by the nature of the property:

    • Vegetation: Tree or plant roots may need to be removed in order to avoid interference with the property.
    • Accessibility: If the outdoor section you want to pave is difficult to access, Infinity may need to bring in extra tools and machinery (e.g., forklifts, trucks, etc.) to move everything around.
    • Custom work: If you want to install anything additional, such as steps, a fire pit, or a planter, this will affect the cost of the project.
    • Grading: Any slopes of soil bumps in the property will require grading to remove the extra soil. Additional fees to remove may include hauling, dumping, and delivery.

Cutting: If there are multiple curves in the process (e.g., around a garden border or for steps leading to the pool), this will require additional cutting throughout the project.

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